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Presidents Statement on the War in Ukraine

I have spent a lot of time in Ukraine, having visited the country over 20 times. Ukrainians have shown tremendous bravery in the face of Russia’s war of aggression. The Ukrainian friends I’ve made over the years have shared with me their disbelief and anger at what has unfolded. Many of them have now been able to move to safer countries or other parts of Ukraine. Whilst others are not able to leave and know that any day, they may be saying goodbye to their loved ones as they are drafted into the army.

When helping refugees on the Ukraine-Polish border, I saw people who had tried to fit their life into a suitcase and flee for safety. It’s worth pausing for a moment to try to imagine being in that position. Consider your suitcase; what would you put in it? What would you leave behind knowing you may never be coming back? How many bags would you take knowing that each one will make your journey harder?

I support the University’s statement on the invasion and wish to express the strongest condemnation of the war of aggression started by Putin's regime against Ukraine.