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Did you know that Oxford has more postgraduates than undergraduates?
  As of 2022, there are 13,044 postgraduates to 12,510 undergraduates. [ref]

So where is everyone hiding?

Maybe they've been waiting for mature events that they find more appealing?

No "crew dates", no drinking games, just mature events and socials.

Campaign to save
the University Club
was a success!!!

The University Club is now fully reopen providing a dedicated space for graduates and staff.
Campaign to save the University Club.


Whilst it's true that the collegiate system provides opportunities to meet students from other disciplines within your college, opportunities to meet postgraduates from other departments and colleges are still very limited.

Postgraduates often comment that clubs and societies can be very "undergrady", and particularly mature students can be left feeling out of place with the regular undergrad antics.

This society provides a medium for postgraduates to network and socialise with people outside of their college and department.

There are plenty of other societies that provide fresher style drinking events.

The University Club shut down during covid, but has never opened up fully since. What's the hold up? Check our campaign to save the University Club

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